Book authorship, for personal or business promotion, to create powerful ‘lead generation magnets’ for use in advertising and marketing, for securing favorable media attention and publicity, to promote a business, a cause or philosophy, for fun or fame or fortune…is the most proven, most powerful activity a person can take.


We demolish the barriers that once stood between you and getting a book done. In less than 24 hours of your time, our expert team of ghostwriters and designers will produce a stunning book—stamped with your name on the cover, brimming with your stories and insights. 

When you self publish or work with a traditional publisher, expect to wait an average of three years before your book is in people’s hands. When you work with us, your published book is in your hands in as little as 90 days.


Published authors are seen as the Authority in their field.

Our authors use their books to become celebrities and experts in their community. Once published, you have leverage to command premium prices and increase demand for your services.


We help build your authoritycelebrity, and expert position, using your published book as a springboard. With our full suite of authority-building services, we help position you and your business in a category of onemaking your competition irrelevant. Our team is committed to making you the most sought-after expert and Authority in your industry, community, or marketplace.


Most companies in our space will tell you it takes tens of thousands of dollars to entertain a book launch for promotional reasons. We’ll show you how to leverage your current audience in order to launch a book with zero publishing costs.

Our Services

Your book will be outlined, edited and indexed to make the right impression with readers. Our award-winning graphic design team will illuminate your message with an enticing book design that will rival best sellers.
Specific to your topic, we will select one of our specialized ghostwriters to tell YOUR story in YOUR voice in only four months, rather than the average 3.2 years business book authors invest. Ghostwriters will deliver a polished manuscript, one section at a time, that is drawn from interviews, published records and third-party interviews.
Distribution & Launch
Your book will be distributed to online retailers and available to 25,000+ bookstores including airport bookstores. Additionally, Isabella Media titles can be distributed and sold as ebooks and audio books.
Book Fulfillment
Coaches, consultants and other people don’t want to be bogged down mailing and shipping books to customers however margins are much better on books sold directly by the author. As an optional service we’ll store your book in our warehouse ready to ship to customers that order directly from your website.

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