Good Grief  for Now and Later

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About the Book

Death is a topic very few people want to talk about. However, it’s a part of life we all must face. In this book the lighter side of dealing with grief and mourning is explored through the eyes of one who has been involved in hundreds of funerals over his lifetime.

This book notes lessons learned, numerous death situations that can bring a smile to your face or even make you laugh, and show you how others have dealt with this period in their lives. Whether you are going through a period of grief, or looking ahead to the time when it will come, this book will help you see the many things involved and perhaps help to ease you through the phases of grief. This is told through the lens of others who have experienced dealing with the death of a loved one.
If you ever need to read a book about death or mourning this is the one to read. It offers humor, help, hope, and healing.

Good Grief for Now and Later
Genre: Love & Loss
Tags: Black Author, Books On Pre-Order, Published Books, Upcoming Releases
Publisher: Isabella Media Inc
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Paperback
List Price: 20.00
eBook Price: 10.00
“There are very few resources written by authors of African descent to address the enormous need of learning how to wrestle with grief. Ed Mason provides a stellar resource to help communities of all backgrounds face this inevitable challenge called grief. You will find yourself moved, blessed and ultimately inspired by this publication. This is one of those rare books that we did not realize we desperately needed. A sign of a good book is one you return to again and again; a sign of a great book is one you feel you must pass on to a friend. This publication is the latter.”
“I loved reading Good Grief for Now and Later. As a Grief Coach and in my personal life, I have learned that although Grief is universal, meaning at one point everyone experiences it, it is also highly individual. The way we mourn, or express our grief, is as unique as we are and the relationship we have with the deceased. Through the stories told in Good Grief, we get a clear picture that like our grief and mourning, funerals and Homegoing celebrations are as different as we are. I also appreciate the thought provoking questions that Ed Mason includes as well as the silver linings that he highlights throughout.”
“At first reading “Good Grief” was tough because I am one of those people who avoid the topic of death, but no more. The book was a page turner for me. It is impossible to read this book and not laugh even after reading the painful experiences of others because the author wisely wove into his incredible, work real life examples of funeral experiences. Ed’s book left me in a much better place mentally and emotionally. This book educated and filled me with joy and a sense of enjoying the “now” of life while being mindful of and preparing for life’s final chapters.
About the Author
C Edward Mason

C. Edward Mason is an ordained deacon at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He has been involved in literally hundreds of funerals in his role at the church. A church leader in areas of prison ministry, endowment and budget committees, teaching biblical financial stewardship, and married couple’s ministry, Ed has known people from many walks of life. He is a retired financial planner and has spent many years learning about the area of mortuary science and being a support with those going through bereavement. He lives with his wife Sherri in the Chicago area.

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